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Executive Ghostwriting

You have values to share, stories to tell, lessons — and a legacy — to leave to the leaders who are following in your footsteps. 

The Goal

Spread wealth by sharing your insights.

At this very moment, there’s someone out there whose trajectory could be completely transformed — if only they had the insights you hold. 

Your philosophies, ethics, and ideals, crafted and refined through years of work, have already made a resounding impact. If you only share them, how much farther can you reach? 


From social posts to presentations, I am honored to work alongside thought leaders and help you put your experiences and philosophies into words that will resonate with your target audience and stimulate forward-thinking discussions. 


True thought leadership means expanding your reach to a wider audience, but it takes a lot of legwork to put yourself out there. Whether you want to get featured in leading publications or secure a speaking engagement, I’ll do the pitching for you.


Would you like to see your name in print? I help accomplished leaders expand their stories into full-length books. In addition to ghostwriting, I can assist with the self-publishing process or help pitch your idea to a publishing house.

As a ghostwriter, I strive to be invisible. When you read my writing and all you hear is your own voice, I've succeeded.

What does an executive ghostwriter do?

Once I learn about you and your goals, I’ll work with you to develop a personalized strategy that may involve some of the following workshops and services.

Brand Development

How do you want the world to perceive you? I’ll help you consistently put your best foot forward with a one-on-one personal branding workshop where we’ll work together to solidify your voice.

Content Planning

Before writing anything, we have to sit down and answer, “What for?” With an overarching mission to guide us, we’ll be able to plan and create content with maximum impact.

Ghostwriting & Editing

Whether you need help refining something you’ve written yourself, or you’d like me to craft a narrative from scratch, I have nearly a decade of experience bringing stories to life with luster.  

Press Work

With media outreach and press relations, I can help you get featured in industry outlets and secure speaking engagements, interviews, and opportunities to further your reach. 

Common questions

If you have any questions about me, my work, or content strategies in general, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

What is executive ghostwriting?

Executive ghostwriting helps company founders and leaders express their ideas, experiences, and values through written content. The goal is to create compelling, memorable articles that position the executive as a thought leader and expert in their industry.

I have helped business leaders from mid-career all the way up to retirement. I primarily work with founders and C-suite executives, but I would love to hear about your journey regardless of your title. I believe everyone has value to share. 

A thought leader is a person that routinely shares admirable insights, ideas, and knowledge about a given topic or industry. Thought leaders are looked to for guidance and they have a positive reputation of being giving, open, trustworthy, and helpful.

If you’re thinking about working with me, I’d love to hop on a call so that we can chat face-to-face about who you are and what you’d like to accomplish together. During the call, I’ll answer any questions you have about my services and processes or thought leadership in general. 

Ready to work together?

I'm here to help you find your time in the spotlight.

You’re holding back a wealth of insights that the world is yearning to hear, but you hesitate to share them. Maybe it’s because you don’t have time to find the right words or perhaps you worry that you’ll sound pompous, or even under-qualified.  

In my work with Fortune 500 founders and executives, I’ve learned that those with the most value often speak out the least. You’ve worked hard to get where you are. I want to help you share your story with the world.