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As a ghostwriter, clients often come to me believing that, by simply putting more content out there, visitors will find their own way to the conversion point. As a content strategist, I can tell you that it’s not a matter of volume, but viability.

In the early 1990s, Ward Cunningham coined the term “technical debt.” He used it as a metaphor, representing the compromise developers make between short-term gains and long-term viability when producing software. In recent years, this term has been spun to apply to the growing amount of redundant content and the long-term affects of prioritizing quantity over quality.

Content debt as we currently know it is a hidden cost. It sneaks up on companies big and small, whether they’re chasing keywords or making attempts to engage readers. In any case, as content debt builds, a brand’s authority shrinks. So, how do you avoid it? That’s the question I help my clients answer by taking a strategic, insights-driven approach to content creation.

I help brands amplify their reach by stepping away from their blog and taking a big picture approach to what, when, and why they publish. As we collaborate, you’ll begin to gain a clear picture of what content can do for your business and what it has failed to do in the past.

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