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Hi! I’m Sydney Chamberlain. I brought my writing and editing skills to the web in 2014. Since then, my original seller profile has collected over 5,000 glowing reviews. From newsletters to blog posts and even one-off projects, I can help you impress your audience, sell your services, and earn better search engine rankings in the process. 

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Writer / Editor / Traveler

While I live in the United States, I work with clients from all around the world. I also love to travel, try new things, and explore new places, which always proves beneficial as a way to backup my textbook research with real-world experience. 

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how to improve your writing speed

How to Improve Your Writing Speed

Whether you’re a professional writer or just trying to get your work done faster, improving your writing speed is one of the easiest ways to increase your productivity. However, there’s more to fast writing than fast typing.

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6 Types of Writers Businesses Need

Content is the backbone of any business, especially in today’s digital world. However, not every in-house team has the time or know-how to fulfill a business’ diverse writing needs, which is why most companies are turning to outsourcing.

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how to create a content brief

How To Create A Content Brief (Template Included)

I sometimes take on simple projects with as little guidance as a single keyword, but most businesses simply can’t justify a project “brief” so truly brief. The key to a successful project is a solid brief to guide your writer’s work, but many businesses aren’t equipped with the information they need to create a good one. This guide will get you going.

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hire a content writer

How To Hire A Content Writer

When I began offering writing services back in 2014, it was my first step into the world of freelancing. Over the years, I have learned a lot about marketing my services, communicating with clients, and–most of all-what it takes to make a project successful. Whether or not you have worked with a content writer in the past, you can easily get the results you want so long as you do your due diligence.

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how much do ghostwriters make

How Much Do Ghostwriters Make?

How much a ghostwriter earns will vary depending upon their experience and whether or not they specialize in certain topics. Ghostwriters who have a professional background in a relevant industry like real estate or accounting can earn a lot more by becoming a “specialist” writer in a corresponding niche.

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best websites for writers

The 8 Best Websites for Writers That Pay

Through the years, I have tried out many platforms trying to find a site with a variety of projects, fair pay, and–most of all–thoughtful support staff to stand behind the freelancers who keep them in business. Here are my picks for the best.

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What I Do

I can help with every aspect of your content needs, from ideation to creation.

Idea Generation

Out of ideas? We’ll work together to create a target keyword list or content marketing schedule that fits your goals.

Priced to fit your budget.

Outline Planning

With an idea in mind, I can help you plan the depth and breadth of the piece. An outline ensures everything you want said is covered.

Priced to fit your budget.

Writing Services

I always like to say, “If I can research it, I can write about it!” I have worked on thousands of projects spanning a range of topics.

Starting at 5¢ per word.

Editing Services

If you have pre-existing content that you want to perfect, send it my way for thorough proofreading and critiquing. 

Starting at 3¢ per word.


What My Clients Say

I love hearing positive feedback from my clients! Here are some recent reviews from my favorite projects. 

"The content Sydney provided was of the highest quality. She must have researched for hours to come up with the great points she made in the articles she wrote for us. I will be using her again for many more pieces in the future. Highly recommend."
"Sydney did an amazing job on my articles. I gave her titles and a general description on tone and target audience and she surpassed my expectations. I have one more order of articles she is working on and I will continue to use her to keep the writing style consistent with business."
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