Sydney Chamberlain

Sydney Chamberlain

Strategic Content

Make an impact.

Let’s eliminate the guesswork from your content plan. Together, we can build your brand’s presence and start driving measurable business outcomes with your blog, socials, and email list. 

What I create

Content that search engines  just as much as readers.


Educate and entertain your audience with short- and long-form content for your blog.

Web Content

Shift the focus from features to benefits with web copy that's designed to convert.

White Papers

Build authority and cultivate trust with a white paper that delves deep into technical topics.

Social Posts

Authentically grow your following with social posts that embody your values and personality.

Email Campaigns

Engage, re-engage, and convert your leads and customers with email sequences that get clicks.

Landing Pages

Explain your offerings using customer-first language that highlights key benefits.

about ME

Hello! I'm Sydney Chamberlain.

Clients often come to me believing that, by simply putting more content out there, visitors will find their own way to the conversion point. As a seasoned marketer, I can tell you that it’s not a matter of volume, but viability.

For the past nine years, I’ve helped brands align their content with the customer journey and shift their focus to driving key business results.


Solutions that scale with your business.

You need more than a freelance writer. You need a professional who understands the technical aspects of marketing who has the storytelling capabilities necessary to captivate your ideal customer.

As we collaborate, you’ll start to see that generating results from your content doesn’t have to be so unpredictable after all.


Establishing clear guidelines is key to publishing consistently strong content.


Aligning content production with business targets allows us to drive results.


Striving to make every content piece the best on the web will set your brand apart.


We can drive ROI by tracking and continuously fine-tuning your content.


Latest work

If you want a sneak peek of at my storytelling and article writing skills, take a look at these thought leadership pieces published by industry magazines like Strixus. 

My feedback

Don't just take my word for it...

Who i work with

Featured Clients

My clients know that strategic content creation goes beyond SEO writing. Below are some of the companies I’ve worked with to showcase their offerings in a way that drives authentic, repeatable results.

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My Approach To Content

Check out my latest blog articles that delve deeper into how I approach content marketing, search engine optimization, and business writing.