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Hi there! I'm Sydney.

My career as a professional writer began in 2014. In the years since, I’ve worked with clients big and small, from corporations like Indeed to local professionals, such as real estate agents and veterinarians. I have a passion for learning and exploring new industries, which is why I’m excited to hear about your project, too!

5,682 Reviews
Completed Projects

You're a click away from great content.


Every project starts with an idea. Bring your own or I can help you come up with one.


With an idea discussed, the writing begins! I'll deliver the first draft in as little as 24 hours.


Once you read the first draft, I'm always happy to adjust and tweak it to perfection.

Written in Idaho, delivered globally.

While I reside in North Idaho, I work with clients from around the world. I’m also an avid traveller as I relish the freedom of being able to work from anywhere. So, regardless of where you’re at, I’m positive we can start a highly productive relationship. 

Scalable Pricing

My pricing scales depending on the amount of research and involvement your project requires. If you need help selecting a tier, just ask. 


For Existing Content
$ 0
/ per word
  • Spelling and punctuation
  • Flow and readability
  • Keyword density and SEO
  • Typically delivered within 3-7 days


Professional Projects
$ 0
/ per word
  • Help with content planning
  • Online and offline research
  • Up to two revisions
  • Thorough editing
  • Typically delivered within 3-7 days


On-Going Content
$ 250 / per month
  • Planning and outline included
  • Online and offline research
  • Monthly word allowance
  • Save 20% off professional pricing
  • Scheduled deliveries

Don't just take my word for it.

Through the years, I’m proud to have accumulated nearly 6,000 reviews from my clients. You can read them in their entirety on my original seller profile or at Scripted, Inc

Don't just take my word for it.

Through the years, I’m proud to have accumulated nearly 6,000 reviews from my clients. You can read them in their entirety on my original seller profile or at Scripted, Inc

Only Pay for
What You Need

I offer additional services for an extra fee so that you can tailor every order to fit your needs. 

Content Planning

Content planning and outlining is available as an extra for Basic and Standard projects.

Outreach & Interviews

If you need someone's guidance or quotes for your project, I can interview them for an extra fee.

Professional Editing

Select this to have your content proofread a total of three times prior to delivery.

Links & SEO

Extras are available to work links, keywords, and other SEO elements into your project.

Rush Turnaround

Depending on word count, you can pay a rush fee to get your project in as little as 1 day.

Extra Revisions

Add additional revisions to your order if you anticipate changes to the content, structure, or style.

Let's grow

I know that every piece I write is only a small part of a much bigger project, whether that’s your blog, your book, or your brand. Through my services, I hope to help you bring your ideas to fruition quickly, precisely, and with as little stress as possible. 

Questions & Answers

Most communication is handled via email for simplicity’s sake, but I’m always available to pick up the phone and chat if you have a more extensive project. I can also meet with local clients from the Idaho Panhandle in person.

Of course! While I do have local clients, I complete the majority of my projects remotely as my clients can be found all over the world. 

A “ghostwriter” is a writer who is not credited where their work is published. A lot of content is ghostwritten, like website copy. I act as a ghostwriter for most of my projects, which could mean no one is credited, a pseudonym is credited, or my client puts their own name next to the writing. 

Ultimately, I want every client to be ecstatic when they read the first draft, but I know that’s not always possible. The revision process allows us to go back-and-forth in an efficient manner so that I can tweak my writing to perfectly fit your needs. 

Let's Get to Work!

Let's Get to Work!

How to Hire Me

You can read reviews and hire me on Scripted.com or work with me directly through this website.

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