Budgeting should be simple.

I use a combination of hourly and per-word rates to offer a fair, transparent, and scalable pricing model. 

I know estimating the hours that might go into your project can be tricky, so I provide examples down below. 



+ 20¢ per word

Everything Else


Content Marketing Pricing

Cost Estimates for Writing Projects

It can be tough to determine just how much your project might cost — especially if it’s a big one! As a ballpark, here are some examples of common projects I take on and how much my clients pay.


Blog Post

The team provided an outline to me. I conducted an interview with an internal expert to extract insights and quotes. No revisions were needed.

Mockup of an iPad displaying text surrounded by beautiful imagery, meant to depict a magazine spread or article.


total cost


My client wanted to get into a publication so I pitched an idea on their behalf. After my client approved the draft, it was successfully published under their name.

Mockup of an iPad displaying a Well and Good article Sydney published awhile back.


total cost

White Paper

I provided an outline for approval. Reports were provided to supplement my research. I worked with the team to complete two rounds of editing.

Mockup of an iPad displaying the table of contents page for a white paper or lead magnet.


total cost

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How do you price your content?

(and other answers)

I charge $55/hour plus 20 cents per word. After over a decade in the industry, I’ve found this combination allows me to offer a transparent and scalable rate that better encompasses the time, complexity, and scope of a project.

Some writers bill for every word written, including those that end up being deleted or rewritten during editing, and that can inflate costs. I calculate my fees based on the final word count of your project.

Whether you need help laying out your content calendar, identifying keyword opportunities, or planning a full-scope content marketing strategy,  all of these activities are billed at my admin (“everything else”) rate, which is $35/hour.

Absolutely! Any time we’re discussing a new project or task, I will provide a cost estimate in advance of completing the work. The estimate will be based on the hours I anticipate putting in and, in the case of writing, the expected final word count.

I work almost exclusively with long-term clients with consistent requirements, so we often work out retainer agreements where they pay monthly. However, if you are hiring me on a project basis, I will send an invoice before commencing work. 

My “everything else” rate, also known as my admin rate, quite literally covers everything else! If I’m not actively outlining, researching for, or writing content for you, any services I provide will be billed at my discounted admin rate.

No pressure, I promise.

As passionate as I am about writing amazing content, I’m equally in love with guiding people through the ever-evolving world of content marketing and SEO to help them figure out their next move.

So, whether you’re ready to hire or “just looking,” please don’t hesitate to get in touch! I’m always up for talking content, strategy, and long-term goals.  

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