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What To Expect

Great writing, fair prices. I charge per word, making my services incredibly scalable and accessible for everyone. Whether you’re working on a personal project or in need of content for your company’s website, I can help.


Correct Your Existing Content
per word
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Sentence Structure
  • Flow and Reability


Get New Original Content
per word
  • Always Original
  • Research Included
  • Keyword Optimized
  • Quick Turnaround

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? I know that hiring the right writer is a critical decision, so I’m always happy to answer questions. Here are my answers to the most frequently asked questions, but you can always send me a message directly if you don’t find an answer here. 

General Questions

If you’re new here, welcome to my site! I’m Sydney Chamberlain, a professional content writer. I work with individuals and businesses remotely to create articles, blog posts, website content, books, and more. I also offer editing services. I have been working as a full-time writer since 2014 and, if you’d like to learn more about me, you can click here or visit my blog.

The total cost of your project will be based on my flat, per-word rates (5¢/word for writing or 3¢/word for editing) with optional extra fees added for images, expedited turnaround, and other add-on services you might request. 

To keep things simple, I tend to communicate with my clients exclusively via email. This allows us to keep all of the information about your project in one place, making life easier for the both of us! Of course, if you have a particularly involved project, I may be available for a phone or video call. Send me a message if you require something of the sort. 

Of course! You’ll find thousands of reviews for my work on my original seller profile. You can also check out my reviews page here on my website for a compilation of testimonials I have received though the years. 

You’ll avoid the fees and limitations of third-party platforms when you hire me directly through this site. However, you’ll also find me on some other platforms, just note that my rates may differ. For instance, I still offer services though my original seller profile where I charge the same rate, although the platform charges its own fees to buyers and sellers. More recently, I have also begun working on top-tier platforms, including Scripted (subscription only) and CopyPress (blind hire).

Because of third-party fees and limitations, you’ll always get the best price and have the best experience when working with me right here through my website. 

Working With Me

If you’re wondering whether I can write about a particular topic, the answer is probably yes. I am a non-fiction writer, which means I can’t write a short story or help you with character development for your next novel. Rather, I specialize in research-based, real-world content. 

I always say: “If I can research it, I can write about it!” I love digging into unfamiliar topics, but in my six years of writing, I’ve already explored hundreds of different niches. If you’d like to know whether I have existing background knowledge on a particular subject, just send me a message

As a content writer, I handle many different types of projects. While the majority of my work centers around articles/blog posts and website content, I also regularly work with clients to create long-form content, including eBooks and guides. Additionally, I do work with some clients who contract me to write captions for Instagram posts and others who need product descriptions, meta data, and various other forms of content.

If you have something else in mind, send me a message and I’ll be up-front with you about whether or not I can do it. As a heads up, I generally send people to another expert if they need a sales pitch, ad copy, or something else that would be better handled by a different type of writer.

Not sure what information to send over? I need to know any specific details that you have in mind for your project. Some of my clients have super specific requirements, down to the words I use (and don’t use) along with the structure, keyword density, and other aspects of the writing process. Of course, most of my clients are a lot more relaxed.

If there’s some content on the web (or on your own blog) that you really love, feel free to share some links. Also, if you have very specific topics and/or sub-topics in mind, please share a quick bullet list or outline. Ultimately, don’t stress about it, just tell me what you think I should know. If I feel like I need more information, I’ll definitely send you an email. 

If the content I deliver isn’t exactly how you pictured it, I’m always happy to try and make it right. All you need to do is read my writing, list out what you want changed, and then email me your requests. In general, a single round of revisions is all that’s needed, so long as you compile all of your critiques into one message for easy reference.

Please note that I cannot fulfill any revision requests that contradict the information or instructions you originally provided to me. Additionally, if your requests cause the content to substantially exceed the word count you have paid for, I may have to request coverage for any additional words. Be sure to read the full Terms of Service

Did you place an order and then decide you don’t need my services after all? If I have not sent you any work yet, send me an email explaining your cancellation request and I will almost certainly refund you in full. The only situation where I may not be able to provide a full refund is if I have already spent a substantial amount of time working on your project. So, I may not be able to refund you if we’re less than a day or two from the scheduled delivery date, but it’s worth a try if you have a good reason.

Rights and Ownership

Nope! I am a “ghostwriter,” which means you don’t need to display my name in any form. You can even publish the content I write under your own name, which my clients often do. For instance, if I create an eBook on your behalf, you can publish it as though you wrote it yourself. The same goes for editing: no credit needed! Of course, if you would like to credit my name, you’re always welcome to do so. 

You sure can! Once you have paid me, you can do whatever you wish with the content I have produced on your behalf. In fact, I often work with web developers and digital marketers who pay me to create content for their own clients’ projects. I also work with some freelancers who utilize my content creation services as part of a bigger package of services for their own clients. 

Nope! Many writers tend to charge royalties or residual fees. This means you would have to pay the writer every time you publish or earn money from the content they have produced. However, I do not charge any residual fees. You will only have to pay me one-time (see the pricing information above).

Ready To Start?

Working with me is a hassle-free experience. If you want to get started right away, you can pay now and get your content production underway in just one click. 

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