About Me

I’m Sydney, a content marketer and freelance writer with over nine years of experience helping businesses and business leaders.

I've been crafting thoughtful content for businesses and leaders since 2014.

As cliché as it sounds, I often tell people that my career found me. Fresh out of school, I was yearning to travel and anxious to find any opportunity that would allow me to work whenever and wherever I found myself.

My love for the written word began at an early age, but I didn’t realize how far-reaching my interests were until I began exploring it as a career path. Before long, I centered my sights on the world of content marketing and solidified a reputation for myself as a business ghostwriter who could think beyond short-term results. 

Today, I provide companies with strategic digital content that simultaneously builds brands while being considerate of the aspirations of the human sitting on the other side of the screen. 

I'm passionate about my work.

I believe there’s stark delineation between the content a professional can produce and the content a passionate professional can produce.

When a writer is guided by the uncompromisable desire to create the best content they’re capable of putting out there, it shines through — in the planning, in the research, and certainly in the final product.

For every project, I strive to create the best resource available and doing so requires a deeper level of consideration. My research process goes far beyond sites and into books, studies, emerging research, internal numbers, product demos, discussions with your team leaders, and interviews with industry experts.

As an established writer, I have the luxury of being choosy about my clients. I write for businesses and leaders who share my values; for those whose ultimate goal is to tell meaningful stories, create lasting value, and lead their industry forward with the same passion and vigor that I have for my work. 

Through it all, I am eager to share the knowledge I’ve accumulated in the world of content marketing, both with my clients and with other professionals. In 2022, I founded the Society of Writers, a mentoring community where myself and other seasoned writers pass along lessons and processes to uplift, educate, and inspire tomorrow’s creators. 

My Values

Transcend Sales

Words have the potential to foster empathy and forge connections across distances. I strive to craft content that resonates with readers.

Be Authentic

Content shapes perceptions, influences decisions, and contributes to collective knowledge. I write to cultivate trust and ensure clarity.

Remain Curious

Curiosity takes projects beyond the superficial. With diligent exploration, I search to find nuanced, open-ended, and stimulating ideas.

My Latest Posts

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