Sydney Chamberlain


I've been helping brands grow since 2014.

As cliché as it sounds, I often tell people that my career found me. Fresh out of school, I was yearning to travel and anxious to find any opportunity that would allow me to work whenever and wherever I found myself.

Nine years ago, remote work was still very much in its infancy. I dabbled in website building, consulting, and content planning, trying to find a meaningful outlet where I could put my CX and SEO knowledge to work. When I was asked to edit a professional letter for a complete stranger, the project revealed a passion inside of me that I had long overlooked.

My love for the written word began at an early age, but I didn’t realize how far-reaching my interests were until I began exploring it as a career path. Before long, I centered my sights on the world of content marketing and solidified a reputation for myself as a business ghostwriter who could look beyond a handful of keywords and pay attention to the big picture.

Today, I provide companies with strategic digital content that simultaneously builds their brands while driving conversions both on and off their websites. With a focus on tech-forward businesses, my clients include Simple Nexus, ButterCMS, and Remitly. 

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Fun Facts

Get to Know Me

Where I'm From

After living in four different states, I’m proud to call the gorgeous small town of Sandpoint, Idaho home. Summer is my favorite season and I enjoy swimming, wakesurfing, and lying by the lakeside. 

Things I Love

I love trying things that scare me. I’ve gone ice climbing, skydiving, sailing through the Whitsundays, and walked with a Siberian tiger at Steve Irwin’s family zoo. I am incredibly grateful for all of it!

My Work Style

I often collaborate closely with my clients. I’m happy to schedule regular phone/video meetings so we can chat. I’m flexible enough to take notes and requests via email and Monday boards, too.

My Values

How I Approach Content

The Customer Comes First

It’s not just a saying around here. I believe in producing content that will truly bring value to its readers.

brands are living entities

Just like people, authentic brands evolve with time and they’re morphed by major events like pandemics.

Keywords Aren't Everything

Keywords sure do matter, but they aren’t the driving force behind my strategies (and that’s the way Google wants it).

Results Require Realistic Goals

The journey to content with a high ROI means establishing the right benchmarks and actively fine-tuning for performance.

Collaboration Drives Efficiency

No silos! I thrive when working alongside your people in marketing, sales, product design, and web development.

It's About the Bigger Picture

It’s so easy to get caught up in just one post. I put my all into every piece, but I’ve learned how to create without losing context.