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This is where I share my experiences as a writer, traveler, and entrepreneur. This blog is a great place to see my writing skills in action if you’re thinking about working with me. You might even learn some fun facts about a faraway place or pick up some travel hacks in the process. Enjoy!

Flying 100,000 miles in under five months | Do It For The Miles #1 of ???

This year marked my first year of traveling abroad and I’ve loved every trip. Of course, I’ve realized that airline status would be quite beneficial as I keep traveling, so I’ve signed up for the American Airlines Platinum Status Challenge.

What I learned from my first international trip (flying solo to Australia)

I rode an Air New Zealand SkyCouch on the way over, ditched my hotel two weeks early, zig-zagged all over the coast, and booked a last-minute sailing trip that made my year. Oh, and I majorly overpaid for an Airbnb.

My thoughts on the five most popular ghostwriting platforms

I began writing professionally in 2014, and I have learned a lot in the years since. Starting with no reputation, I had to test the waters on a few different websites before I found what worked for me. Here are my thoughts.