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Let’s eliminate the guesswork from your content plan. Together, we can build your brand’s presence and start driving measurable outcomes.

Google's Search Generative Experiences & The Future of SEO

Learn how (and why) you can get featured in publications like Forbes and become a thought leader in your industry.

How about building a reputation of excellence for your company?

Effective research doesn’t start with Google. As a ghostwriter, I believe in digging into your company’s personas, case studies, product specs, and documentation. There’s nothing I love more than pouring my time into getting to know you and your company because I know for a fact that those efforts always pay off. 

Exceptional content asserts niche authority and gets decision-makers excited about working with your brand — all while answering their immediate needs. By mapping the customer-content journey to identify information gaps and opportunities, we’ll work together to present your ideal customers with meaningful resources.

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Here's what I bring to the team...

I know hiring a B2B writer can be daunting. Let me answer all of your questions via email or on a Zoom call so we can both decide if it’s a good match.

what I do

Get decision-makers excited to
work with your company

We’ll work together to develop the right messaging for every persona you target for each stage of the sales cycle.

Goal #1
Establish Consistent Messaging

Would your readers pick your content in a crowd? I’ll help you establish a strong and consistent brand voice across all platforms and formats.

Goal #2
Develop Cohesive Themes

We’ll establish a content calendar to improve internal linking, build on topic clusters, and maximize repurposing opportunities to make the most of your content budget.

Goal #3
Delight and Convert Readers

By planning content in alignment with the buying journey, we can seamlessly nurture readers to the conversion point while cultivating lifelong loyalty. 

Earned Media

Features & Editorials

Off-site content is very important for driving traffic to your website and engaging your audience even when they aren’t on your blog. Beyond social posts, I can help with earned media features in outlets like Forbes and Fast Company. 

Screenshot of Sydney Chamberlain's article published on Well+Good.
Short-Form Content

Articles & Blog Posts

Whether you want to share a customer case study, take a turn at thought leadership by sharing a company philosophy, or target high-traffic keywords,  I strive to produce value-packed, engaging articles. 

Screenshot of a case study Sydney Chamberlain wrote for her client, ButterCMS.
Long-Form Content

Specialty Projects

Cornerstone projects play a crucial role in building authority and offering value to your audience. I can help you craft in-depth white papers, annual reports, eBooks, and other downloadable content. 

Exceptional content is never written in a silo. I interface with sales, marketing, and product teams to add value and create unbeatable content.

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