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What Is A Freelance Writer?

Businesses need content, but between questionable content mills, expensive content production agencies, and individuals trying to sell their services, it can be hard to find the right solution. So, what exactly is a freelance writer and when are they the right choice?
what is a freelance writer

The average blog post is now more than 1,050 words long, with the best-ranking content clocking in around the 2,000 to 3,000-word range. What does that mean for businesses and website owners? It means they need a lot more content than they’re able to produce by themselves.

The solution, of course, is to outsource some or all of your content creation needs, but who do you turn to? Between questionable content mills, legitimate content production agencies, and individuals trying to sell their services, it can be hard to find the right solution.

In this article, I’ll explain what a freelance writer is, when you might want to hire one, and the benefits of a freelance writer compared to other potential solutions. 

What Is A Freelance Writer?

A freelance writer is an individual that offers writing services. Freelance writers are present across almost every niche, with some specializing in fiction and others delving into every category–from real estate to plumbing. 

Some freelance writers, like myself, cover a number of different industries, but the goal always remains the same. Freelance writers strive to produce high-quality content. Sometimes, businesses need us to write around keywords for SEO purposes while others want authoritative content that focuses solely on being the best, most informational resource in their niche. 

Whatever your goal may be, hiring a freelance writer is honestly only one of many choices you have if you have decided to outsource your content writing needs. 

Freelance Writer Definition

The definition of a freelance writer is an individual who offers their services to businesses and other individuals on a non-committal basis. A freelance writer isn’t hired full-time or part-time. Rather, they work on individual projects and typically get paid per word for the content they create.

Freelance writers can work as ghostwriters, copywriters, or just regular content writers. Their price will be determined by the type of writing they do and whether or not they specialize in a certain niche. 

What Is Freelance Writing and When Is It Used?

When people write on a freelance basis and they may do it in their free time for extra income or as their full-time career. 

Of course, most people who make a career of writing tend to branch out to third-party platforms as well. For example, I offer my services directly to clients as a freelance writer, but I also work through content production agencies because they generally pay more per word.

This is because top-tier content production agencies like Scripted have extremely high-end clientele. These agencies are able to get projects from multi-million dollar companies. Freelancers simply can’t handle such big companies on their own due to the inability to keep up with the sheer volume of content they require. 

So, when you hire through a content production agency, you might end up working with a writer who offers their services directly for less money. However, the flip-side is that the content production agency will be able to keep up with a higher volume of projects than a single freelancer could on their own. 

The extra money you pay to work through the agency may also cover things like keyword research, which could save you time. Here’s more information about Freelancers vs. Content Agencies

Hire A Freelance Writer

Individuals and small businesses often find the membership fees and added costs of content production agencies to be too high. In those situations, working directy with a freelance writer is the best solution.

While it takes time to find a good freelance writer, hiring a freelance writer directly is generally the most cost-effective way to address your content needs. Once you find a good one, you can teach them your company’s brand and they will then be able to efficiently and continuously produce content that fits your business. 

Looking to get started? Check out this article on Where to Find Writers for Hire Online.

Become A Freelance Writer

become a freelance writer
Stats About Freelance Writers via Flex Jobs

Many people are enticed by the thought of working as a freelancer, but it takes time to get established. If you’re new to the idea of being a freelance writer, I would suggest reading How Much Do Ghostwriters Make? and The 8 Best Websites for Writers That Pay for information on how to get started earning money for your writing.

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