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What Is A Copywriter?

A copywriter must possess both strong writing abilities and excellent selling skills in order to produce promotional content and advertisements that entice leads. After all, the job of a copywriter is to write copy that sells products and services, but what else should be taken into consideration? 
what is a copywriter

A copywriter must possess both strong writing abilities and excellent selling skills in order to produce promotional content and advertisements that entice leads. After all, the job of a copywriter is to write copy that sells products and services, but what else should be taken into consideration? 

What Is A Copywriter?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “copywriter,” the definition is very simple. A copywriter is a type of writer who specializes in writing sales copy. Sales copy can come in many forms, whether it’s a direct mail postcard meant to market a local service or a Facebook post advertising a product.

Given that their goal is to entice leads, copywriters must be able to write content in a concise, vibrant, and informative way. They need a large vocabulary so that their words can bring concepts to life–and they often need to convey ideas in a matter of a few sentences (or even a few words).

How Much Do Copywriters Make?

When it comes to writing advertisements, space is typically in short supply, so a copywriter generally has to work with as few words as possible. Because of this, most copywriters have a different pay structure than other writers.

While the average content writer gets paid per word (up to an average of $0.10/word), the average copywriter could make $1 per word–or more. However, many work on an hourly basis, since it takes a lot longer to come up with a few sentences of perfect sales copy than it does to produce a few sentences of content for an article or similar project.

Clayton Makepeace, who is touted as the highest paid copywriter, actually makes royalties from the promotional pieces he writes. It’s not unusual for a copywriter to request royalties, with royalties meaning they’ll get a certain amount every time their copy produces a lead or sale for the company. 

For instance, a copywriter who produces a direct mail sales letter for a local real estate agent may request a flat fee for every lead the letter generates for the agent. Alternatively, they could request a percentage of the sale, which is common if their work will be promoting products. Examples include catalogs, magazines, and digital sales copy. 

Hiring A Freelance Copywriter

Most businesses will need to hire a freelance copywriter at some point. After all, even the largest companies are finding that keeping writers and similar professionals employed in-house is an expensive investment that doesn’t always make sense. As such, the marketplace for freelance copywriters has grown tremendously in recent years.

These days, any business or individual can find a freelance copywriter at a reasonable pay rate. Entry-level copywriters can produce content that even small startups and family-owned local businesses can afford, which is making great sales copy more accessible to the masses.

Of course, with the advent of social media advertising and other forms of marketing, copywriters are in high demand. This has led to an influx of new people entering the market who may not always have the skills to back their work. To find the right copywriter, you must do your due diligence.

Check out this article on How To Hire A Copywriter. 

Working As A Freelance Copywriter

working as a freelance copywriter
Image by Theresa Chiechi. © The Balance 2019

There is no doubt that you can find success in a remote copywriter position. Like any type of freelancer, freelance copywriters can make good money so long as they establish their talents and work to build a strong reputation for themselves.

If you think you have what it takes, I would suggest looking into a freelance copywriter marketplace where you can begin taking on your first clients. Many new writers start on Fiverr, but you might consider applying to be a copywriter on a closed platform like TrendyMinds.

The latter will take more time up-front as you’ll have to prove your skills through an application process. The flip-side is that, while it takes time to get into a closed platform, you’ll end up having access to more projects and higher-paying clients. 

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