Sydney Chamberlain

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Together, we can

Make Your Brand Unforgettable


Aligning with your target audience is a fundamental first step to developing a solid content strategy.

Persona Development

Realistic, functional customer personas tell you exactly who you’re trying to reach without superfluous fictional details. 

Journey Mapping

Gaining visibility into the cross-channel customer journey requires a lot of data, but it will pay off.

Brand Guidelines

Establishing easy-to-follow brand guidelines will help you ensure consistency across channels. 

Writing Guidelines

Writing guidelines will help get your brand on the same page with any writer you work with, including me.

Performance Metrics

A results-driven strategy means establishing a set of metrics to measure the success of your content.

Keyword Audit

While it’s not always about SEO, knowing where you stand with keywords allows us to drive organic growth.

Decay Analysis

Existing content should be analyzed often to check for signs of decay and then updated to maintain and improve its rankings.


Scheduling new content allows your brand to continuously engage its audience without long bouts of silence in between ideas.

Content Planning

With a content schedule laid out, I can work with your team to add ideas to every slot, creating a monthly content calendar for all of your posts.


After content goes live, it should be monitored to compare its performance against your benchmarks and fine tune things as needed.

Marketing Strategy

Designing a content marketing strategy that supports your overall business objectives is key to generating a strong ROI. 

Content Creation

This is the fun part! With the path laid out, I’ll execute your marketing strategy and give you content you’re proud to put your name on.


Every project begins with research. Depending on the content, this could involve case studies, interviews, or just long hours of reading.


Once the initial research is complete, I will develop a thorough outline that details elements such as images and social media assets.  


With me, the first draft is always ready to publish. Of course, if you have feedback, I’m happy to go through a round of revisions. 


During and after writing, the optimization process centers on preventing decay, staying ahead of the competition, and hitting your targets.


Distributing your content means getting it in front of as many people as possible, like by sharing it on social media.


Syndication is part of a distribution strategy but can extend beyond the channels you own.


Repurposing your content into new formats can help you get the most out of every insight.


With active media outreach, I can get you featured through quotes, interviews, and links in big publications.


So much work can be done after you hit “Publish!” I can help you get more eyes on your brand with proven distribution and PR techniques.