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Buy a Niche Website

Setting up a new website can quickly become overwhelming and frustrating. So, why not skip it? I’m here to do the hard work for you! In my free time, I create niche websites like these and sell them to people like you.


I’ll set it up, design it, and start creating high-quality content for it. You’ll then have countless opportunities to monetize it.

Follow-Up Assistance

After transferring the website to you, I will be happy to answer any questions you have and even give advice about where to go next.

Limitless Potential

Whether you’re pushing another company’s products or your own, there is really no limit to how much you can earn with a good website.

What to Expect


When you purchase a website from me, it’s ready-to-go right from the start. Everything is laid out with a beautiful, modern design. Even the blog already has some killer content on it. Plus, matching social media accounts have been setup.

If you pick an established site, you might even get some followers and perhaps even newsletter subscribers whom you can start marketing to right away! I never pay for marketing for these sites, it’s all organic. They have huge potential!

What’s included?

  • Site established in April 2019
  • Branded social media accounts
  • Number of pages: 1
  • Number of articles: 0
  • Number of email subscribers: 0

About PerfectYogi.com

A website dedicated to yoga, self-care, and sustainable living. Plenty of opportunities to push books, products, and more via the blog. Plus, build and market to an email list with the monthly issue of PerfectYogi.

This site is still under construction. Estimated list date is June 2019. Want to buy it as-is? Contact me to score a discount!

Questions and Answers

What does the standard purchase include?

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Ideas and advice

Will you continue supporting the site after I purchase it?

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Want a Custom Website?

If you have an idea, I can help bring it to fruition!

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I have an idea for a new website
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