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How Often Should You Post On Your Blog?

Your blog posts and their frequency can affect both your engagement rates and search engine rankings. So, how often should you post on your blog if you want the best engagement rates without wearing yourself out? 

There is no hard and fast rule to follow, but there are some guidelines you should keep in mind to see the best results. Here’s my advice. 

It's Quality Over Quantity

Consistency is very important when it comes to how often you post. Whether you run a blog for your small businesses or just a casual hobby blog, you definitely want people to read what you’re publishing. So, you need to be consistent in order for them to know when to expect new content. Of course, you also have to come up with a schedule that’s realistic. Many people just don’t have enough energy or ideas to post daily. 

If you take a quick look around the internet, you’ll see that more and more blogs are blatantly advertising their posting schedule. Some will say, “I post once a week,” while others will specify the days they intend to post. You’ll also hear this often at the end of YouTube videos where some channels promise “I put out a new video every Thursday.”

Once a week is an extremely common posting schedule, but is blogging once a week the best habit? Not necessarily. There’s really no one-size-fits-all approach, so you must consider your own capacity and your audience’s engagement levels.

Should You Blog Once A Day?

You might find that a daily posting schedule works best if any of the following fits your situation:

  • You blog about urgent and time-sensitive topics, be it the stock market, sports, or politics. In these instances, posting once a week or less could mean you’re reporting on “old news.” 
  • You find that getting into the daily habit of something helps you commit to it and posting any less frequently would lead to very infrequent and inconsistent blogging.
  • You enjoy writing for your blog each and every day, and you’re confident you have enough ideas and energy to keep up with this schedule.
  • You are trying to populate a brand new blog with lots of content, in which case a daily blog post might be beneficial (at least for a couple of weeks).

When I first launched this blog, I began with a daily post and kept up with that schedule for many weeks. I now post a few times a week and I am gradually shifting to a once weekly schedule. Realize that you can change your schedule as your capacity changes (and you most certainly should). Never put quantity over quality. 

Should You Blog Multiple Times A Week?

You might find that posting multiple times a week works best if any of the following fits your situation:

  • You blog about current events, but reporting a day or two late won’t make a huge difference. This could apply if you are writing “recaps” or “digests” on many different sports teams, company stocks, celebrities, or other such topics. 
  • You post many different types of content, in which case you may post a recipe on Tuesday, a craft blog on Thursday, and a personal post on Saturday. This can help your audience better anticipate the content they’re interested in, resulting in higher engagement. 

Digest and recap-style posts are very popular in all news categories, and you can establish a very engaged audience if you are offering your own spin or opinion alongside a recap of the facts.

As an example, you could do one weekly recap alongside one or two posts that discuss the most recent/exciting headlines more in-depth. Celebrity gossip blogs do this all the time, using the weekly recap to mention vague or less interesting gossip while dedicating other posts to the biggest stories of the week. 

Should You Blog Once A Week?

You might find that a weekly posting schedule works best if any of the following fits your situation:

  • You have a steady stream of ideas and information to share and you may even be working on a keyword strategy to improve your organic SEO. 
  • You always want a “new” blog post (one published within the past 7 days) to be seen whenever someone visits your website, which helps reinforce that you are running an active blog. 
  • You want to post often enough to keep an active audience engaged with a regular stream of content. 

Weekly posting schedules are certainly the most popular, not only for blog posts, but also for video content and email newsletters. Now, if you happen to post multiple types of content (like blog posts and videos), you will want to coordinate the posting schedule of each. 

Should You Blog Once A Month?

You might find that a monthly posting schedule works best if any of the following fits your situation:

  • You maintain a company blog that is primarily read by employees, stakeholders, and similar parties that are seeking reports and pertinent information  (like financials) more so than entertainment. You may even post once a quarter in this situation. 
  • You maintain a personal blog. Monthly posting schedules are popular for those blogging about their journey through parenting, career growth, weight loss, etc. The audience tends to be very close-knit and readers may even be friends with the blogger in real life. 

Generally, only posting once a month isn’t often enough if your blog posts are the primary traffic driver to your website. However, if your blog is just part of a larger website (like one selling products and/or services), you could still make a monthly blog post work for you. 

When Is The Best Time To Publish A Blog Post?

Once you know how often you will post, you need to determine exactly when you will post. This should be based on your audience and their reading habits so that they can always catch your latest blog post at a time when they usually check your site for updates. 

When Is The Best Time of The Week to Publish a Blog Post?

According to Kissmetrics, Monday is the best day of the week to publish a blog post. They based this on the average traffic blog posts received throughout every day of the week. This may be different for your audience, but Monday is a good place to start if you lack personalized metrics to base your publishing schedule on. 

Monday makes sense for many niches since this is typically when people are preparing for the week ahead. Your audience may be having a coffee break to get things going as they check out what their favorite blogs have published recently.

When Is The Best Time of The Day to Publish a Blog Post?

The same study from Kissmetrics revealed that the average blog post gets the most traffic around 11 AM. That means the best time to publish a blog post is Monday at 11 AM if you want as much traffic as possible…or does it?

While blog posts tend to get the most traffic around 11 AM on Monday, that doesn’t mean you need to be publishing at this time. For instance, if you have published your content the day before, or even many days before, people who are checking your blog on Monday morning will still be looking at your most recent post.

Choosing The Best Publishing Time

Although Monday morning brings the most traffic to blog posts, Kissmetrics recognizes that publishing on Monday doesn’t necessarily mean the most engagement.

For instance, blog posts get the most comments on Saturday morning around 9 AM. However, they get the most inbound links on Monday or Thursday morning around 7 AM. As far as when blog posts get the most social shares, multiple studies have been conducted with inconclusive results. 

The ideal thing is to look at your current traffic patterns and determine when most people visit your blog. You should aim to post around that time, or a little bit before, so that your latest post is ready and waiting for them.

If you can’t detect any patterns based on an existing audience, try checking out some competitors. They may have done their own research to figure out when similar audiences are most engaged, so you can try following their posting schedule to start with and tweak it as time goes by.

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