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Do You Need A Specialty Writer?

A specialty writer is someone who specializes in a certain topic or industry. You’ll often hear them called “niche writers” as well, but their work remains the same. With their in-depth knowledge about a particular subject, they can often deliver highly technical, highly detailed, and highly authoritative content, but when is a specialty writer necessary?

A specialty writer is someone who specializes in a certain topic or industry. You may hear them called “niche writers” as well, but their work remains the same. With their in-depth knowledge about a particular subject, they can often deliver highly technical, highly detailed, and highly authoritative content, but when is a specialty writer necessary?

What Is A Specialty Writer?

A retired real estate agent who now writes real estate listings for other agents is a kind of specialty writer. Another example is a veterinarian who exclusively writes on topics related to animal wellness. Yet another example is a developer who creates tutorials for programming and project management. 

In all of the above examples, the writers hold special experience and/or certifications that make them more qualified to write about their corresponding subjects than the average writer. This can be very useful for certain projects. 

When Is A Specialty Writer Helpful?

Some businesses hire specialty writers exclusively and it’s particularly important if your business creates content around fields like healthcare, nutrition, or even politics. In all of these industries, a specialty writer is going to bring immense background knowledge to the table and that will result in better content. 

Other businesses don’t necessarily need to hire a specialty writer, but choosing to do so can help them stand out. 

For instance, if you own a digital marketing agency, hiring a writer who specializes in topics related to sales, marketing, and SEO can help your business better represent its competency. Such content will help shape your business as an “authority” in your niche and this same concept is true for any industry.

Benefits of a Specialty Writer

There are certain benefits that come along with hiring a writer who specializes in your industry. Here’s a brief look at the key advantages.


When you hire a specialty writer, you shouldn’t have to worry about fact-checking their work. They should hold immense knowledge on the topic at hand, which will help them avoid factual errors. This knowledge also translates into better content structure and improved cohesiveness all the way through. 


Specialty writers have the capacity to dive much deeper into a topic thanks to their background knowledge and first-hand experience. This in itself can help you become an authority in your niche simply by offering truly valuable insight to your readers.

Compare this to the potential work of a non-specialty writer trying to comprehend a very technical or exclusive niche. Their content may end up being very broad or general if guidance and/or available information is lacking. 


Another way specialty writers can help you gain authority is with their name. If you hire a specialty writer who has made a name for themselves as an authority in your industry, simply publishing content they have written can help you leverage their reputation to build a reputation for your own business. 


Even if you hire a relatively unknown specialty writer, hiring one with degrees, certifications, or licenses can add additional authority to the content you publish. Just think: Most people will be more likely to trust nutrition advice from author “Dr. John Smith” than “John Smith.” 

How Much Does A Specialty Writer Cost?

The cost of a specialty writer will vary greatly depending on the industry, the availability of specialty writers in your niche, and the degrees or special certifications the writer holds.

The more experienced, qualified, and/or well-known a specialty writer is, the more expensive they will be to work with. Keep the potential benefits in mind when weighing whether or not a specialized writer is worth the extra cover over a general content writer.

To give you a baseline, top-tier content writers charge around $0.10/word for areas they don’t specialize in. If you can find a specialty writer offering their services for about this same price point, hiring them over a non-specialized writer would likely be the ideal move for your business. However, specialty writers generally cost a lot more–even $1/word.

Specialty Writer vs. Expert Input

Many businesses simply can’t justify the added cost of hiring a writer who specializes in their niche. That’s when I suggest asking a non-specialized content writer to work on your project. 

If you still want the authority an expert can bring to your article, you can find a content writer willing to conduct interviews as part of their research for the project. I routinely do this for one of my clients who publishes pet wellness related content. For every piece, I am tasked with locating and interviewing an expert–be it an animal behaviorist or a standard veterinarian.

The result is a well-rounded article that has an expert’s guidance (along with direct quotes credited to the expert’s name) and the client doesn’t have to find and hire a specialized professional who doubles as a writer. In fact, this method often works out even better for the client given the diversity of experts their projects have required so far. 

Consider this method if you want to save money or simply need input from a variety of experts. 

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