Preparing For Google Analytics 4

A famous painting of two ladies, presumably speaking about something as lackluster as GA4.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the biggest update to come to the platform in its 15-year history. As the internet phases out third-party cookies, GA4 is able to continue empowering website owners with valuable insights by swapping session-based data for event-based data and introducing new privacy controls. But, the switch isn’t going to happen automatically. […]

Finding Your Personality: The 12 Brand Archetypes

A famous painting of a party with some people dancing, others sitting, and others sneaking away — a great representation of different personalities in action.

With ever-increasing competition and heightening consumer standards, branding is now more important than ever before. That means that companies have to get creative with the way they present themselves (and their products and services) in order to impress consumers and convince them to buy. Of course, branding is extremely complex.  When it comes to building a […]

What Is Spun Content?

A famous painting of a set of twins — could it be a visual representation of spun content? Similar, but different enough?

Spun content has been around for many years, but countless unsuspecting businesses and website owners learn about it the hard way. Spun content is generally used for blackhat SEO tactics, and it can land you in trouble when it comes to your site’s reputation and ranking. Now, with the rise of ChatGPT and other AI […]