The Anatomy of a Book

A famous painting of an old man scribing onto a large piece of paper, perhaps writing about the anatomy of a book.

It’s easy to think of a book as pages between a paper cover, but as a ghostwriter, I’ve come to appreciate the many critical components that come together to form the books we read. If you’re thinking about working with me to craft a non-fiction book, or you’re trying to write one yourself, here’s an […]

How To Create A Content Distribution Strategy

A famous painting of people looking at a memo board, representing one of the earliest content distribution techniques.

Many businesses start a blog with the best intentions, pouring their time and energy into producing really great content, only to be discouraged when no one comes along to read it. The truth is, publishing content is only half the battle; you need a content distribution strategy to help you circulate it in front of […]

How To Develop A Useful Customer Persona

A man trying to paint himself, and in my opinion not doing a very good job of it. Imagine if he had to make a buyer persona of someone else.

While buyer personas are rooted in in-depth research, the goal is to take all of the information you have about your target audience and condense it into a summary of just one person: Your ideal customer. Once you start using personas to guide your strategies, campaigns, and interactions, your audience will get the impression that […]

Why You Need a Content Strategy

A famous painting of a man looking through a telescope, wondering where his content strategy will take him.

Many of my new clients tell me they have a content strategy, but upon answering some questions about it, they reveal that what they actually have is a content marketing plan. While many people use the terms “plan” and “strategy” interchangeably, they are two separate concepts — and one is foundational to the other. If […]

83 Types Of Content To Fill Your Calendar

A famous painting of a collection of objects on a table, including books and sheets of paper.

Looking to fill up your content calendar? Publishing blog posts all the time will quickly grow boring (and time-consuming). For a truly effective brand-building content strategy, you need to mix things up. To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of 83 types of content and explanations of how you can use each one. For […]