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How Often Should You Post On Your Blog

How Often Should You Post On Your Blog?

Wondering how often you should post on your blog for better engagement and rankings? Don’t fear! There is no hard and fast rule to follow, but there are some guidelines you should keep in mind to see the best results for your blog. These guidelines are based on people’s expectations and the best practices set forth by major search engines like Google.

how to brief your writer what information does a writer need

What Information Does a Writer Need?

I have successfully completed projects with as little as a keyword, but I usually ask for a few different pieces of information to ensure the final piece perfectly aligns with my client’s needs. Regardless of whether you’re hiring me or someone else, here’s my advice for briefing your writer correctly so that you can minimize back-and-forth and get the best possible results.

brand personalities

Understanding All 12 Brand Personalities​

When it comes to building a brand, experts have helped simplify things a bit by breaking down 12 main “archetypes,” or 12 brand personalities, to help companies determine how they should represent themselves in order to attract their ideal customer base. Before we dig more in-depth into how a brand can choose the right archetype, let’s go through the whole dozen.

83 types of content for brand building

83 Types of Content and What To Do With Them

Out of ideas? I’ve compiled a list of 83 types of content and explanations of how you can use each one. For ease, I’ve categorized the content into different formats so that you can mix-and-match to create a content plan that will work for your brand.

freelance writers vs content agencies

Freelance Writer vs Content Agency: Which Is Better?

For smaller businesses, outsourcing to a professional writing service gives you a competitive edge with search engine optimized, well-research content. For larger businesses, outsourcing means more salability and flexibility than hiring someone in-house. In either case, if you’re choosing between a freelance writer or content agency, consider these factors.

articles for sale

4 Content Marketplaces With Articles for Sale

There are many instances where you may find pre-made content convenient. Whether you need articles on a specific subject to fill up a new niche website or perhaps an eBook that you can use as a lead magnet, these four content marketplaces may fit the bill.

writing budget

How To Make Your Writing Budget Stretch Further

The fact is, hiring professional content creators can add up fast. No matter how big (or small) of a budget you’re working with, it’s always worthwhile to try and find ways to reduce costs without compromising quality. If you find yourself trying to do just that, check out this advice for making your writing budget stretch further.

contentfly review

ContentFly Review: Features and Pricing

ContentFly is a fairly new writing service. I discovered them shortly after their launch and I was one of the first writers to join the platform. In the time since, ContentFly has evolved to be a completely web-based platform offering writing services with the help of AI and Machine Learning.

what is spun content

What Is Spun Content? Why It Exists and How to Recognize It

Spun content has been around for many years, but countless unsuspecting businesses and website owners learn about it the hard way. Spun content is generally used for blackhat SEO tactics, and it can land you in trouble when it comes to your site’s reputation and ranking. If you’re unfamiliar with it, here’s a closer look at what it is and why it exists.

how much does a ghostwriter cost

How Much Does a Ghostwriter Cost?

When it comes to the world of freelancing, anyone in charge of a project’s budget will certainly struggle with the variable pricing that plagues every type of freelance talent. Writing services are no exception, so let me help simplify the decision-making process by offering some price ranges for you to review.

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