Content for B2B Companies

Every word moves them closer to closing.

Make an impact

Share meaningful insights and lead your industry forward.

Focus on Benefits

Get in the customer's shoes and use language that impels action.

Drive Results

Mapping the content journey naturally guides readers to the conversion point.

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Share content that gets business owners excited to book.

Through a combination of services, I help businesses share content that asserts their authority and gets decision-makers excited about booking a consultation.

Messaging Development

How many times have you signed a contract with only one decision-maker involved? It’s very rare in the B2B world. So, we’ll work together to develop the right messaging for every persona you target for each stage of the sales cycle. 

Content Planning

Attaining the status of an industry leader means going above and beyond with your content. Each month, I’ll plan content across your blog, social media, and newsletters while aligning those ideas with overarching themes and business goals.

On-Page Optimization

Even evergreen content goes stale if you aren’t regularly updating it. Through routine performance reviews and audits, I’ll provide recommendations for on-page optimization and updates to keep your content working hard for your business.

Article Writing

Content marketing stretches across many channels, but I’d argue that none are as important as your own blog. Aside from tapping into immense SEO value, my approach to article writing centers on naturally guiding leads to the conversion point.

Resource Creation

Providing your audience with more extensive resources such as white papers allows you to delve deeper into your more technical offerings or cover essential aspects of your industry in greater detail. I can help you plan and create resources that add value.

Press outreach

How would you like to earn media exposure for your brand? With my background in executive ghostwriting, I know how to formulate and pitch compelling story ideas to editors at publications like Forbes and Insider and get them published. 

Ask yourself

Are you converting or captivating?

When your content consistently cultivates trust and builds authentic interest in your offerings, organic conversions skyrocket, but that’s not all that counts.

By focusing on the entire sales cycle and aligning content with the customer journey, we can make sure that you aren’t just obtaining new, valuable clients, but retaining them year after year.

“54% of decision makers say they spend more than one hour per week reading and reviewing thought-leadership content.”

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Common questions

How do you create B2B content?

Creating content as a B2B brand begins with developing clear customer personas and establishing solid brand guidelines. From there, I’ll map the customer-content journey to identify information gaps that we’ll work together to fill with meaningful resources.

What is brand messaging?

Brand messaging aims to express your brand promise in a manner that will resonate with each of your target personas. For instance, effective messaging will sound different when speaking to a C-suite leader than an IT stakeholder.

Why is brand messaging important?

It’s important to solidify your brand messaging because it ensures high standards of quality and consistency in your content and interactions. It also improves business outcomes by empowering you to address each persona’s unique pain points. 

How much does a B2B writer cost?

The cost of a B2B writer depends on a variety of factors, including the amount of content you wish to publish. My rates start at $100/hour or $500/month. I can provide a custom quote after we discuss your needs during a free consultation

Is hiring a writer worth it?

Not every B2B company needs to outsource their content. If you have an in-house team with the capacity to create the content you need, you likely don’t need my services. I typically work with B2B brands that are trying to scale their output without hiring another full-time team member.

What's the first step to working together?

If you’re thinking about working with me, I’d love to hop on a call so that we can chat face-to-face about your brand and the goals you want to accomplish. During the call, I’ll answer any questions you have about my services and we can exchange ideas about your content.

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If you want to see my research and storytelling skills in action, check out some of my latest articles published by industry magazines like Strixus.