Sydney Chamberlain

I'm Sydney, an editor by day and a writer most of the night, but, in my free time, I love to call myself a musician. I guess I'm considered a lead guitarist because I always play solo.

Can Dogs Eat Shrimp?

Can Dogs Eat Shrimp? From your local pet store’s dog-devoted bakery to the ‘puppuccinos’ available for pickup when you grab your morning coffee, every dog lover wants to feed their best friend like family. When it comes to table food, you have nothing but good intentions when wanting to share. Of course, as professionals like …

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What will my new book look like?

Because I offer book/eBook creation services, I often get asked: “What will the completed book look like?” I’ve taken the time to create a complete sample book that follows a similar layout to the books I create for my clients. The content itself will also address many questions you may have before working with me.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

This post is part of my portfolio collection to demonstrate my writing skills. Affiliate marketing is a topic I have researched on many different occasions for both articles and eBooks. Here’s a taste of my friendly and informative writing style. It is a widely shared opinion that technology has, in many ways, led to a decrease in the number of traditional …

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How Can Outsourcing Benefit You?

This is a sample article that I’ve written to demonstrate my writing skills.  Previously, outsourcing was a tactic largely reserved for big companies who had the budget to find contracted labor and overseas workers to finish menial or repetitive tasks or complete work that would typically require hiring an expensive in-house specialist. Fortunately, the internet …

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What Is A Ghostwriter?

This article has been published as part of my portfolio collection to demonstrate my writing skills. Every business out there, big or small, requires written content to build their brand. Whether that’s website content, social media posts, articles, guides, or emails, if a business does not have a staff member with the time and skills …

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