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About Me

A career of discovery and wonderment.

One of the best things about my work is helping people bring their passions, concepts, and experiences to life through storyful, informative, and engaging writing. 

Life's Play Is Our Greatest Work

Writing is a door to exploration, growth, and adventure.

David Mitchell once said, “If you travel far enough, you’ll meet yourself.” Perhaps trying to do just that, I began my travels at a young age. It started with the mountains of Idaho, Montana, and Canada, but I soon found my way to the airport to visit faraway destinations like New Zealand and Australia. After all, travel and learning go hand-in-hand, and that’s why I’m incredibly grateful that I get to write from anywhere in the world. 

Wherever I go, my laptop comes with me, but — even if I’m writing from home — the projects I work on take my mind to so many great places, whether I’m describing a lively coastal community for a top real estate agent or venturing into a whole new industry, like the logistics systems that bring our favorite products to our doorstep. I see every project as a learning opportunity, and with over 9,000 under my belt, I’m humbled to say that I’ve learned quite a lot. 

Say Goodbye to Stress

Outsourcing should be simple. After all, the whole point is to save you time! When you outsource your content production to me, you can get back to focusing on whatever it is you do best. 

Let's Get to Work!

Let's Get to Work!

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You can read reviews and hire me on Scripted.com or work with me directly through this website.

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Let's Get to Work!


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