About Me

A chance opportunity led me to my lifelong passion.

Eight years into my career, I still reflect upon the decision that set me down this path of exploration, discovery, and variegated interests. I was fifteen-years-old, just graduated from high school, filled with determination to travel and inspired to find a career flexible enough to let me.

To younger me, work was a means to an end, but I was willing to do as much of it as necessary to get to the extraordinary places I had spent my childhood reading about. So, I dabbled in a little bit of everything—I created online courses, I launched affiliate websites, and I even spent a summer in flight school thinking that maybe getting my pilot’s license would be the ticket to unrestrained excursions.

Somewhere along the way, I was offered an editing project by a client who found me purely by happenstance. She needed help polishing her cover letter for a role she wanted to apply to right away. As she expressed to me how much the position meant to her, a new sense of purpose overcame me. 

All at once, I recognized that my love of grammar and story could be applied to my work but, even more importantly, my limited perception of what “work” meant had instantly matured. As I spent hours meticulously combing through her cover letter, I realized for the first time that the work I chose to do had the potential to impact lives beyond my own.

From that day forward, I devoted my time to finding more opportunities in the content space, which rapidly evolved into a full-time career. Before I knew it, my passion for exploration was being fed silently as I dug through articles, buried my head in studies, and scoured library shelves in search of understanding—the kind that’s necessary to write a report, a speech, a book that’s worth more than the paper it’s printed on.

As a freelance writer, it was not easy at first to find projects with real purpose, especially as I began working exclusively in the business space. Still, I sought out clients who knew the importance of putting authority above algorithms; those who thought beyond search engines and actually considered the reader on the other end; those who could see that their position could be elevated to that of a thought leader if they invested in the right areas.

All of these years later, I start each day with a reminder that my work is bigger than my own goals. As I get to know the people behind so many intriguing companies, I am more devoted than ever to helping them build their reputations and their brands.

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Meet My Clients

Here’s a brief look at my recent clients across the three primary industries I work in. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to learn more about my experience in your niche.


My extensive experience in the tech industry ranges from cybersecurity (EC-Council, Kaspersky) to cloud solutions and data warehousing (Integrate.io). 


In the software industry, I have worked with a solid mix of SaaS companies (LemonBrew, SimpleNexus) along with custom development and managed IT providers (Adservio).


My clients in the finance industry have interesting ties to other niches such as real estate (paymints.io), investing (Ark7), international payments (Remitly), and accounting (Founder’s CPA).