4 Content Marketplaces With Articles for Sale

There are many instances where you may find pre-made content convenient. Whether you need articles on a specific subject to fill up a new niche website or perhaps an eBook that you can use as a lead magnet, these four content marketplaces may fit the bill.
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There are many instances where you may find pre-made content convenient. Whether you need articles on a specific subject to fill up a new niche website or perhaps an eBook that you can use as a lead magnet, there’s something to be said about buying “off-the-shelf” content. At the very least, it means no waiting. 

Check out these four content marketplaces where you can find pre-written content for your project and read my tips on making a smart (and safe) purchase. 

#4 BKA Content Shop

BKA Content Shop

Quick disclaimer, I’ve never purchased content through any of these marketplaces. As a writer, I’ve actually never purchased pre-written content at all. However, BKA Content is one of the top search results if you start looking for pre-made content online, so let’s look into what they have to offer.

In their Content Shop, they advertise SEO articles starting at $5.50, which raised an immediate red flag to me–until I learned that $5.50 gets you up to 150 words of content. That’s about $0.03/word to $0.04/word, which I consider quite reasonable.

So, how does the ordering process work? Here’s what they say: “SEO articles can include any content that is general in nature and can include the keyword, or keyword phrase of your choice.”

After paying for the number of words and any additional services you want, they say they’ll send you an “order form” for the details they need. I did not see a promised turnaround time on their site, so I would suspect you’ll have to wait at least a day or two for them to select a generic piece and incorporate your keywords into it. 

They also offer blog posts, specialty blog posts, social media posts, and other forms of content (including product descriptions), so it looks like they can fulfill a variety of needs. However, I list them at number four due to the limited feedback I could find about the service and the disjointed, less-than-instant purchasing process. 

#3 Express Writers

Express Writers Content Shop

The first page I visited on Express Writers’ website was the Pricing and Turnaround page, since I have never heard of this marketplace before. This page is focused on their made-to-order content, but I was still surprised to see prices of up to $0.30/word (not $0.03, but $0.30). Of course, they do promise industry specialists at these rates.

Perhaps their Content Shop sells content for a lot cheaper, although they don’t publish those rates. They state: “Our Content Shop is built for marketers that need premium, on-demand content creation. Choose your content service, load a cart and buy, or have us build a cart for you.”

They advertise content for multiple industries, ranging from health and sports to pet care, insurance, real estate, and more. They also talk a lot about “expert” content, which leads me to believe that their content is much higher quality than your average content mill. While you’ll certainly be paying for that additional research, it may be worth it for your authority-building content use cases. 

#2 Constant Content

Constant Content

Constant Content is a content mill I’ve heard about in the past and it’s easy to include on this list sheerly because of its widespread use.

The purchasing process seems much more transparent and user-friendly than some other marketplaces, especially since you’ll be able to preview the content before you purchase it. They state: “To protect our writers and content we only display content in image format so that search engines don’t index it.”

You will have to put at least $25 into your account in order to preview articles for the first time, but you should be able to find what you’re looking for since the advertised categories span everything from Arts and Culture to Health, Home, Science, and Technology. 

Constant Content does not publish pricing, but third-party sources say articles range anywhere from $25 to $100 for 1,000 words. It also looks like they sell articles with multiple tiers, ranging from Usage Rights (which gives a buyer non-exclusive publishing rights) to Full Rights (which gives a buyer fully-exclusive publishing rights). 

Others have also noted that Constant Content does not provide a lot of options when it comes to editing requests, so you should keep that in mind when calculating the average cost per word and figuring out if articles on the marketplace are worth purchasing.

To put things into perspective, the majority of freelance content writers will produce 100% custom content to your specifications for around $0.05/word. If you’re not sure what to pay, check out this article on how much ghostwriters cost

#1 dotWriter​


dotWriter is a fairly recent addition to the content marketplace scene and they seem to have positioned themselves as a direct competitor to the infamous Constant Content, but perhaps with more features.

This was my favorite marketplace to research for this piece, simply because I was able to see article titles and pricing without even signing up. The homepage allows you to search for articles and get an idea of what dotWriter has to offer.

It looks like they sell content for an average price of about $0.03/word, which is a fair price to pay if the quality is there. Of course, in order to preview the actual article content, you’ll have to register and maintain $20 in your account.

As far as I can tell, they have a wide variety of content available for purchase with many different authors contributing (they claim more than 10,000 writers are on the platform). They also advertise that their content can be custom-tailored to fit your brand, which is always a plus. 

But, before you buy on any of these platforms, keep the following advice in mind. 

Considerations To Keep In Mind

There are always some risks associated with buying pre-made content. The two biggest are: buying content that is plagiarized (that is, content that’s published in whole or in part elsewhere) and buying non-exclusive content, which means someone else can also buy the content and publish it.

The latter will lead to major problems with SEO and could even lead to copyright confusion if you buy an article and later find it published on someone else’s site because they also bought the article. The former is a no-go from the beginning because plagiarized content will, at the very least, harm your site’s ranking and, in a legal sense, could potentially land you in hot water–even if you thought you had the right to publish it. 

Here are my tips if you’re purchasing pre-made content:

• Only purchase from reputable writers and/or agencies. As with anything, check out a site’s reviews and ask for references from others within the digital marketing and/or content creation communities. 

• Figure out where the content comes from. Is the writer selling an article that another buyer contracted but failed to pay for or are they in the business of writing content for the sole purpose of selling it? Finding an answer to these questions will help you determine the legitimacy of the marketplace. 

• Check out a writing sample. Pre-made content should come with a thorough description of what’s covered and the writing style used, but you should also ask for a small sample of actual content–especially before buying high-dollar pieces. Watch out for spun content

• Always use CopyScape to check for plagiarism. The first thing you should do after viewing your content for the first time is run it through CopyScape. This will let you know if any part of the work is plagiarized. If it is, you should avoid publishing it and seek a refund.

These tips should help steer you in the right direction if you’re looking to purchase pre-made content. Of course, if you find that the articles for sale on these marketplaces just aren’t cutting it, you might consider hiring a content writer who can create content for your specific needs. Check out the following links for some ideas. 

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